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Monday November 2nd

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Wednesday October 21st

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8 Common Habits of Men With a Knack of Self-Grooming

Thursday October 15th

To look your best, you need to bring out the best within you. For women, grooming and dressing is a way of life, while for men it is a matter of a special occasion. Nonetheless, there are some men who have a knack of keeping themselves in their best looks. These fellows have a habit of self-grooming that set them apart from the rest.

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7 Essential Supplements to Carry When You Are on Travel

Thursday September 17th

Traveling is fun and exciting. On the other hand, it is also a tiring experience that puts your health at stake. Often, we tend to rely upon outdoor foods sold by vendors to satiate our appetite without knowing their bad effects. Without us being aware of the potential health hazards of outdoor foods, we put ourselves put our health at serious risk.

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Movie Review: Welcome Back

Thursday September 10th

jack gilinsky Finally, Anees Bazmee comes up with sequel of Welcome after a wait of eight years. Like its prequel, the film features an ensemble star cast. However, this time you will be watching a few new faces including veterans like Naseeruddin Shah and Dimple Kapadia, while John Abraham and Shruti Hassan will be replaced Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif of the prequel.

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How to Be Funny Without Telling a Joke?

Monday August 31st

Do you lack what it takes to throwing a funny joke? Don’t worry. You are among the many people who despite being hilarious lack the knack of making people laugh. There have been many comedians who were able to make people laugh without uttering a word, for example, Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean.

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5 Easy Tips to Get Back That Glow on Your Skin

Monday August 17th

Did you ever think why our skin glows whenever we are happy and why it fades out when we are stressed and tired? This is because our skin is deeply affected by our lifestyle and environmental treatments. Despite the most visible part of our body, we tend to take our skin for granted which eventually results in skin problems including moles and freckles that appear on our skin, especially the face.

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Independence Day Special: 5 Most-Revered Freedom Fighters of Indian Independence Movement

Monday August 17th

India will turn 68 on August 15, 2015. The country unshackled from slavery of British Empire on August 15, 1947. Since, it is a significant day that has sacrifices of many people who are known as freedom fighters today. It is these heroes who sacrificed their lives that India got freedom from despotic British rule.

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Top 7 Female Style Icons of All-Time

Thursday August 6th

Fashion industry has many icons who influenced people with their unique sense of style. Whether it is timeless beauty of Sophia Loren or the Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe or the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, they all left such a profound impression that is still followed by millions of people.

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Bollywood Birthday Girl: Huma Qureshi

Monday July 27th

She is the budding actress of B-Town. She has successfully has done both commercial cinema and offbeat films and do we need to say that she is a success in both. She is our birthday girl today, one of the finest Bollywood actresses of recent times. Huma Qureshi has an interesting Bollywood career that we are going to discuss in our today’s Bollywood gossips. Let’s take a look at her life and career highlights as she turns 29.

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