Ab Tak Chappan 2: An Ordinary Remake of an Extraordinary Bollywood Film!

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‘Ab Tak Chappan 2’ is a sequel to Nana Patekar’s cult-classic ‘Ab Tak Chappan’ that was released way back in 2004. The power-packed performance of Nana Patekar and impeccable direction of Shimit Amin were the two highlights of the original film. It was inspired from the life of Daya Nayak, the head of Mumbai crime branch. The movie is remade with Nana Patekar again in the lead. However, this time we have a new captain of the ship and his name is Aejaz Gulab. Let’s check out how he justifies his remake of the original:

The Story
Ab Tak Chappan 2 continues from where Ab Tak Chappan ends. Mumbai witnesses a surge in underworld as Inspector Sadhu Agashe fades into oblivion. Mumbai police has no option but to find Sadhu Agashe and seek his help to get rid of the situation. After some hunting of his whereabouts, they finally find him in Goa. However, he denied taking charge of crime branch as he had already paid a huge price with the loss of his wife. But, when his son forced him to rejoin the department, he has no option but to say yes. He organizes again and mobilizes his network of informers to know whereabouts of the Mafia accomplices. But as he does it he faces a severe resistance.

Strong Points
The power-packed performance of Nana Patekar is the ultimate highlight of the movie. The actor does really well with his action gigs and catchy dialogues. The comic jibes of Nana Patekar are another thing to see in the movie.

Weak Points
Weak script, poor cinematography and cheesy film direction are among the contributing factors in mediocrity of the film. The ordinary performances of supporting cast and weird camera work are among the other “turn-off” in the film.

Overall, the movie lacks the substance to engage the audience. From start to finish, there is only Nana Patekar who deserves a watch in the movie. So, go ahead if you have watched the prequel or if you are a fan of Nana Patekar.

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