Sick And Tired Of Dancing The Old Way? Do It In Bollywood Style!

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Bollywood is internationally renowned filmmaking industry that is known for romantic musical films. The Bollywood film industry has carved its own dancing style popularly known as “Bollywood dance”. The style is a fusion of various genres of dancing. Today, it is among the most popular form of dancing that is followed around the world.
So, if you have frustrated yourself with the old school of dancing, then try reinventing yourself with Bollywood dance. Here I have mentioned some of the dancing superstars of Bollywood who will inspire you to emulate Bollywood dance:

Mithun Chakraborty
Mithun Chakraborty became an overnight sensation when he appeared in musical ‘Disco Dancer’. He impressed audience of every generation when he danced on the tunes of ‘I am a disco dancer’. Mithun is particularly known for his exquisite use of footwork that later became his signature dance move. His other most notable dance performances can be seen in films like ‘Kasam Peda Karne Wale Ki’, Dance Dance’ and ‘Jeetay Hain Shaan Say’.

Govinda emerged on the Bollywood scene as a dancing star. He was the first Bollywood celebrity to introduce ‘breakdancing’ in Bollywood. Govinda then developed his own style of dance that involved use of pelvic thrust and slapstick moves. Govinda’s dancing style has inspired many other Bollywood actors that include the likes of Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh. Watch his dance acts in movies like Raja Babu, Coolie No. 1, Aankhein and Haseena Man Jayegi and you will be swept away by the precision in his dancing style.

Hrithik Roshan
The current reigning dancing superstar of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan has set new standards in Bollywood dance of style. With a towering demeanor and impeccable flexibility, Hrithikh Roshan can bend his body like a cat. He created rage when he emerged on the Hindi cinema with blockbuster ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’. The ‘Jadoo boy’ enthralled us all with his dancing moves in ‘Ek Pal Ka Jeena’ and ‘Na Tum Jano Na Hum’. He continued his deadly dancing maneuverability in movies like Yaadein, Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lagey and Dhoom 3. Watch him doing the craziest dance moves in ‘Cham Cham Chamakti’, ‘Aap Mujhe Ache Lagne Lagay’ and ‘Dhoom Again’ and you will get overwhelmed with his rapid dancing moves. Today, he is considered as the biggest dancing superstar of India.

Sridevi was the undisputed queen of Bollywood during the 1980s. Her dancing moves in the films like Himmatwala, Tohfa, Chandni, Chaalbaaz and Mr. India created hysteria among the masses. She made everyone skip a heartbeat when she appeared in movies like Tohfa, Chandni, Chalbaaz and Mr. India. ‘Naino Mein Sajna’, ‘Pyar Ka Tohfa’, ‘Mere Haathon Mein’ and ‘Na Jaane Kahan Say’ are some of the songs that showed her precision in dancing. Sridevi is an inspiration for many modern Bollywood actresses of recent times.

Madhuri Dixit
Madhuri Dixit is one Bollywood actress who got more recognition for his dancing style than acting. She gained worldwide popularity for her famous dance move in ‘Ek Do Teen’ from Tezaab. With choreographer Saroj Khan, she made a famous team and gave some of the biggest hit songs of the 1990s. The expressive body moves and facial gestures are highlights of Madhur’s style of dancing. Some of her notable performances include ‘Humko Aaj Kal Hai’, ‘Dhak Dhak Karne Laga’, and ‘Didi Tera Dewar’.

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