5 Easy Tips to Get Back That Glow on Your Skin

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Did you ever think why our skin glows whenever we are happy and why it fades out when we are stressed and tired? This is because our skin is deeply affected by our lifestyle and environmental treatments. Despite the most visible part of our body, we tend to take our skin for granted which eventually results in skin problems including moles and freckles that appear on our skin, especially the face.

BiWi helps you pulsate your skin and make it shine with these 5 easy tips:

1.    Lifestyle
Our lifestyle has a deep impact on our skin. How we live has an effect on our physical and emotional health which in turn affects our skin. Our way of life affects us more than one way. It deteriorates our health and makes us ill. All this have direct and direct effect on the skin. Therefore, it is essential that we regulate a proper lifestyle that includes balanced nourishment of everything.

2.    Diet
A healthy diet is vital for our skin as they say, “we are what we eat”. So, if you are concerned about health of your skin, you should first cut down on your intake of junk foods. They are unhealthy foods that make us ill and deteriorate our skin. On the contrary, you should plan a diet regimen filled with a balanced proportions of vitamins, fats, proteins and water. Add a bit more vitamins to give your skin that shinning look.

3.    Sleep
Sleep is the most important thing for our health in general and our skin in particular. In fact, a dull skin is the first manifestation of lack of sleep. A lethargic skin and bulging eyes are two of the most common symptoms of a poor sleep. Therefore, it is important that you enjoy an interrupted sleep of eight hours to get that glow on your face. Besides, it is also important that you take a nap of 5-15 minutes to reduce effects of stress on your face.

4.    Yoga
Exercise not only keeps our body in shape but it also makes our skin healthy. Yoga is possibly the best exercise you can do for a healthy skin. In fact, it is a therapy in itself which makes us feel good from inside to look good from outside. Therefore, it is recommended that you perform yoga at least once in a day to make your skin look energized and refreshed.

5.    Cleansing
Our face is exposed to sunlight, dust and many airborne germs which deteriorate the texture of our skin. Throughout a day, our skin gets the worst treatment of environmental effects. Most often, it is the debris that gets clogged in our skin which results in skin allergies, such as acne. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you wash your face at least three times a day to wash out debris from the pores so that it looks radiant and healthy.

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