7 Essential Supplements to Carry When You Are on Travel

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Traveling is fun and exciting. On the other hand, it is also a tiring experience that puts your health at stake. Often, we tend to rely upon outdoor foods sold by vendors to satiate our appetite without knowing their bad effects. Without us being aware of the potential health hazards of outdoor foods, we put ourselves put our health at serious risk.

As we all know that traveling demands plenty of time and energy, it naturally compels us to be more conscious of our diet while we are on a travel. Considering the gravity of scenario, BiWi lists here some 7 essential supplements to carry along while you are traveling:

1.    Multivitamins
Multivitamins or Multimineral is a form of nutrition acquired from Multivitamins capsules and tablets. By taking doses of Multivitamins, you are able to replenish your daily intake of mineral and vitamins. However, your diet should include various types Multivitamins, including B-complex and anti-oxidant, to meet requirement of your body. This is important to boost your immune system and make it work to its maximum potential.

2.    Protein Supplement
Protein is a chief source of fuel for our body. As you are on the go, you tend to lack energy levels to perform at your optimum level. Lack of nutrition causes loss of muscle mass as your body eats up from your muscles to fulfill your daily energy requirements. Therefore, you should take along a few protein bars to refill your fuel tanks while you are on a long haul.

3.    Beverages
We need hydration to flush out toxins and pollutants from our body. In addition, dehydration makes our body tired and exhausted. While on an air travel, the humidity levels are dropped significantly resulting in dehydration. So, if you are going by air, you need to be mindful of your water intake and carry several bottles of beverages to avoid facing the scenario.

4.    Omega 3 Supplement
Omega 3 Supplement are essential to regulate Arachnoid Acid in our body which is responsible for maintaining cell growth, boosting central nervous system and regulating inflammation in our body. In addition, it keeps our vital organs (eyes, heart, and nerves etc.) in optimum working state. Omega 3 supplement are readily available on stores in the form of fish capsule. So, you can easily carry them while you are on an outdoor trip.

5.    Melatonin
Melatonin is a naturally-occurred hormone in the brain which is secreted by Amino acid and tryptophan. This chemical is responsible for setting our sleep/wake pattern. Jet-leg is a common issue while you are traveling from one time zone to other. Therefore, Melatonin tablet should be in your pocket to help induce sleep while you are in other city or country. Unlike typical sedatives, Melatonin does not make you feel nausea neither it has any side-effects for that matter.

6.    Vitamin D Supplement
Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in strengthening your bones and improving central nervous system. Much of our daily intake of Vitamin D is absorbed from sunlight. However, traveling deprives you of sun exposure which is a source of Vitamin D. Being on a long trip; it is highly important take along Vitamin D tablets to compensate for the loss of Vitamin D.

7.    Probiotics
Did you know that some germs are beneficial for our health? Yes, it is true. Probiotics was discovered by Noble prize laureate Élie Metchnikoff in 1907 who proposed that our body needs useful microbes to substitute harmful microbes in our body. Having probiotics in diet while we are away can improve our digestive system and boost immune mechanism. Besides, it keeps us away from getting ill from harmful germs.

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