Best Tips to Avoid the Rough Waters of Friendship Woes

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Are you irritated with constant complains of your friends regarding your cold behavior or do you feel angry when your friends make you a subject of their jibes? If yes, then you are sadly losing your friends.

BiWi unlocks some facts that will help you build a healthy rapport with your friends:

1.    Make an Analysis
Perform a self-analysis of why you are a victim of complains of your friends. Think about your habits that keep you away from your friends. Is it your lack of commitment that causes them to feel that way? An honest analysis of the situation will provide you with a true picture of the problem and help you tackle it in an effective way.

2.    Communicate
When it comes to keeping friends, communication is the key. But, if you are a victim of hectic work-life schedule, then you should let your friends understand the scenario. If they are your true friends, they will understand. Nonetheless, you should make it a point to take out time from your busy schedule for your friends. Make them a call or send an email if it is not possible for you to meet personally with your friends.

3.    Express Your Love
Every friend needs appreciation and acknowledgement. Therefore, it is important that you grab every opportunity to let your friends feel special. Show your love to your friends by sending gifts and presents. Send them wishes on their birthdays or any other important events of their life. This will make them feel that you truly value them and they mean in your life.

4.    New Friendship Takes Time to Flourish
Unlike an old friend, a new friend deserves more of your attention. Do not expect him to be the one to call you, especially if you are the one who extended the hand of friendship. It is quite possible that he is not very comfortable with you during the first couple of days. So, do not mind if he does not respond to your calls or answer your mails. Let him take time to accept you as a friend.

5.    Do Not Set Too Many Expectations
Setting too many expectations with a friend only frustrates you in the end. Like any other relationship, you need to understand that a friend is a husband, son and a brother. He has responsibilities towards his family. Therefore, you should not set too many expectations to your friend as it will only hurt you if he fails to fulfill them. Rather than complaining your friend for not calling you often, you should make the move and call him.

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