How to Be Funny Without Telling a Joke?

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Do you lack what it takes to throwing a funny jokes? Don’t worry. You are among the many people who despite being hilarious lack the knack of making people laugh. There have been many comedians who were able to make people laugh without uttering a word, for example, Charlie Chaplin and Mr. Bean. So, if you think yourself not good enough for comic acts, you need to follow these guidelines:

Be a Deadpan
Deadpan humor comes out of the straight-face expression of a person. It is not the words or retorts but the straight-faced expression that does the magic. So the next time you crack funny jokes, just keep a straight-face expression and you will create the right impact of the joke. This type of humor is often intended to make fun of a situation or person in question.

Make Yourself Subject of Fun
Poking fun at yourself is another way you can cause many giggles. Making you a subject matter for humor shows your light-heartedness and humorous facet to the people. This type of humor is often seen in roast parties where a roastmaster takes a dig at a roastee in spirit of good humor.

Do Some Slapstick Comedy
If physical comedy is your forte, then you can use this talent to make people laugh. However, it is one of the most challenging forms of humor as it might come across absurd if not performed with precision. Come up with something really creative that could make people laugh. A funny dance or mimicry could be a good idea for a slapstick comedy.

Make Up Funny Stories
Telling fake stories is another way you can cause much laughter. Since storytelling is a fictitious thing, you need to be creative and come up with something that could force people a smile. It should be something that could relate to the audience.

Be Conscious of Comic Timing
Articulation holds utmost significance when it comes to humor. Comic timing, facial expressions and voice modulation play an important role in making or breaking humor. A funny one-liner sounds boring if uttered without the right sense of timing. Similarly, you can breathe fun to a simple line with right tone and facial expression.

Beware of Line Between Being Humorous and Being Humiliating
While making a humor, you need to be wary of the thin line between humor and insult. While it is humor when you make fun of a situation your friend was trapped in, it is an insult when you ridicule color of his skin.

Don’t Bore the Audience
If you want to master the art of humor because you are going to deliver a funny speech, then you should be mindful of the pace of your speech. Make sure that your speech is filled with funny one-liners in between the paragraphs. Do not bore the audience by quoting jokes that they already have heard hundreds of times.

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