Movie Review: Gabbar Is Back

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In 1975, Amjad Khan scared the hell out of people in avatar of gabbar singh. In 2015, Akshay kumar does the same thing but for a noble cause in his new Bollywood film ‘Gabbar is Back’. However, this Hindi Bollywood film deals with a different subject which is based on social theme. Unlike Sholay, this film is based on urban lives and tackles social issues of corruption in the society.

Let’s check major highlights of this new Bollywood Hindi film:

“Gabbar is back” is a remake of 2002 Tamil film “Ramanaa” which was directed by A R Murugadoss. However, this time director Krish comes up with the same story starring Akshay Kumar who plays protagonist in Hindi Bollywood film. The story revolves around five pivotal characters that include Aditya/ Gabbar, Shruti, Sadhuram, Kuldeep Pahwa and Digvijay Patil. The story is about a commoner Aditya who is all set to begin a married life with Sunaina (played by Kareena Kapoor). Sadly, he lost his wife as a result of collapse of a building. This infuriated Aditya who resolves to take the responsible builder to the court only to get killed by their hoodlums. What follows is an act of retaliation and audacity of a man who resolves to purge the society from crooked elements.

Weak Points
Vague Characterization
“Gabbar is back” seriously lacks a coherent, clear and well-defined characterization. The movie loses clarity in parts. The film seriously lacks any character that can prove his presence in the movie. Except for Akshay Kumar character, there is no other character that has a meaningful presence in Bollywood Hindi film.

Clichéd Story
“Gabbar is back” belongs to the same old school of Hindi cinema: retaliation, corruption and injustice. The only difference in “Gabbar is back” is the Gabbar himself who becomes a professor and take law in his hands to teach lessons to the culprits.

Strong Points
Power-Packed Performance of Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar once again makes an impact with his strong performance in the role of Gabbar. His powerful acting, catchy dialogues and exquisite action sequences are what make this movie a must watch for Akshay Kumar fans.

Music is another highlight of the film that will sweep you off your feet. The music album of Gabbar has some melodious tunes set on mellow voices of singers that include the likes of Arijit Singh, Palak Mucchal, YoYo Honey Singh and Neha Kakkar. Songs like Teri Meri Kahani, Coffee Peetay Peetay worth listening again and again for their fresh and soulful music.

Gabbar is back is easily one of the best performances of Akshay Kumar that will be remember for years to come. Poor characterization and weak script is the only thing that might turn you off in this Bollywood film. All in all, the film stands true to expectations of audience which is reflective in box office results.

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