Movie Review: Watch Anushka Sharma in a Memorable Avatar in NH10!

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Nothing goes as thoughtful and deep as this Bollywood venture of Navdeep Singh, a sensitive director who previously directed “Manorama Six Feet Under”.  He comes again this time with another Bollywood film with a social message. NH10 revolves around a taboo theme of “honor killing” that has roots in India. The movie also touched other sensitive aspects of woman exploitation in the country. NH10 was released on 13 March 2015 and it has received mostly positive reviews from critics.

The movie spins around a couple who gets trapped after an encounter with local goons of Gurgaon. Arjun and Meera are happily married couple who got into trouble after they resist a murder attempt for honor killing. The ordeal leaves them hapless in a dangerous city of Gurgaon which is dominated by local goons. What follows is an unprecedented struggle of a woman against the evildoers of the city.

NH10 is a story of couple ‘Arjun’ and ‘Meera’ and their encounter with danger. The story spins around the central character “Meera” who finds herself in midst of a vulnerable situation as she protects herself and her injured husband. After a resistance against honor killing, Meera and Arjun find themselves in center of a vulnerable situation where they have to confront with powerful hoodlums who are after their lives. They have a confrontation with the hooligans which left Arjun fatally injured. Now, Meera has but to fight back to protect herself and her husband from the danger ahead.

Strong Points
Anushka Sharma gives a performance of a lifetime in NH10. After tasting phenomenal success with PK, the actress once again makes her presence felt with portrayal of Meera. It is the character of Meera that breathes life in NH10 and gives this Bollywood film its real soul. The actress has depicted real act of courage with her realistic performance in the movie. Inarguably, it will be counted among the best performances of 2015. The script is another strong point of the movie. After tasting critical success with ‘Manorama 6 Feet Under’, director Navdeep Singh once again made an impact with this crime thriller. The director has successfully managed to convey the message of woman empowerment through this story.

A fantastic performance of Anushka Sharma, soulful music and a strong story, NH10 has everything that makes it a must watch for the audience. After Queen and Mardani, this is one woman-centric movie that will make you think. Obviously, it goes without saying that movie like ‘NH10’ has the potency to contribute something meaningful to Indian society and change the attitude of people towards women. All in all, NH10 is a ‘must-watch’ movie if you are a Bollywood fan.

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