The Edumeter of Superstars of Bollywood

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There was a time when people used to say that watching to many movies spoil the kids and makes them neglect their studies. Not only that they used to think that the Bollywood is full of the “kids” who were not educated and as a last resort they turned to Bollywood. What do you think? Well that question was also buzzing in my head, so I took a torch and went to Bollywood city one fine day, only to find that what we were been told in the childhood (and sometimes till now!) was not true at all, well there may be some exceptions.

Let’s find out the “Edumeter” of our famous bollywood stars in today’s ‘Bollywood gossips’:

Amitabh Bachcan
The Big B (who has got only “Bigger” with his age) is a “Big E” also where E stands for education. This Superstar residing at the highest peak of success is a graduate from Sherwood College, Nainital. But he didn’t stop there an art aficionado and science lover (a rare combination, indeed!) he also continued his education past graduation from Kirorimal College in Delhi, this time a double major in Science and Arts. And did we mention that he has also been awarded with honorary degree from Queensland University in Australia.

Shahrukh Khan
The King Khan still enjoys a large fan following despite of a tough competition in the industry. This “King of good times” was once a student of Economics at Hansraj College (of Delhi University). Well, the next course defines him most, we guess. This perfect orator then went to Jamia Milia Islamia to do Master in Mass Communication. Though he could not complete it, he has earned the “Honorary title of (practical) Master Mass Communicator” from his fans, agreed?

John Abraham
This smart hunk with dimpled smile and “cool looks” who is particularly famous with female fans (and for obvious reasons) has done schooling from Mumbai’s highly reputed Bombay Scottish School. And no, he did not go direct to modeling agency just a few hours after giving his last examination paper. He joined Jai Hind College and left it as a graduate in Economics. His ambition for high education took him further to Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies where he earned a degree in Management.

Salman Khan
This “Body Builder with inflated Biceps” lags behind when it comes to studies. The “heartthrob of fairer gender and a perennial inspiration of their boyfriends” attended Scindia School in Gwalior and then joined St. Stanislaus High School in Mumbai. His next destination was National College in Bandra. But he didn’t get along with studies as well as he does with his “female interests” and left the studies in the middle.

Aamir Khan
The reticent Aamir is well known as a perfectionist of highest standards was not a perfectionist in his schooling days. He was an average student. After his last day in school uniform, he joined Narsee Monjee College in Mumbai but the love of dramatics got better of him and kept him hooked up, so he could never attend the classes. After a brief unsuccessful struggle with education, he left it for good. And good for us, otherwise we would not have got a “Perfect Star who can act too”.

Ranbir Kapoor
The “Next Big Thing” of Bollywood, who reminds us of 90’s Chocolate-faced heroes, also treaded on an uneven path during his educational journey. His journey from “pencil to pen” started from Bombay Scottish School in Mumbai and graduated further to HR College of Mumbai. But he discovered the “actor’s vein” in his body while pursuing education there and left it midway to “catch the train” to The School of Visual Arts to learn the nuances of making films and then furthered the journey to learn method acting (have you noticed his acting in “Rock Star”! Education does pay!) From Lee Straberg Theater and Film Institute.

Preity Zinta
The dimpled diva of Bollywood whose beauty firmly refuses to fade away with time and seems to possess a “boon of perennial beauty” is a perfect combination of beauty and brains. Her interviews often reflect her intelligence. After schooling, she joined St. Bede’s College of Mumbai to earn her Bachelor’s Degree in English Honors. Her academic interest was not confined to “Language and Literature”, though. She further went on to do a graduation course in psychology before pursuing a post graduation course in “Criminal Psychology”.

Vidya Balan
This “Bong Girl” is an owner of “simple beauty” that can instantly seep into our hearts to make long lasting impression like subtle fragrance of a flower. She went to St. Xavier’s college of Mumbai to become a graduate.

Farhan Akhtar
As talented as his father, this perfect actor with a husky voice and weighty performance was once a student of Manecja Kapoor School, of Mumbai and later on joined HR College to graduate in commerce.

Hrithik Roshan
The proud owner of perfect body, great acting skills and that coveted “X” factor responsible for stardom was once a student of the prestigious Bombay Scottish School. After schooling he went to Sydenham College to get a degree in commerce.

Karisma Kapoor
This “beauty with blue eyes resembling the color of turquoise lake” who has seen unprecedented success in her time and was unanimously considered a “Bollywood Queen” surprises the most with her educational qualification. No, she isn’t a Master’s or Bachelor’s or PhD. She hasn’t even completed her schooling. No, not even 10th. She left the school, Cathedral and John Cannon School, just after her struggle with sixth grade. But her failure at school did not deter her determination to become an actress and later on in life she stunned everybody when she earned the “No. 1” title in Bollywood.

Ameesha Patel
Ameesha might not have seen a great success in the industry but this “petite beauty with fair color and child-like voice” was a great success during her school days. She was made a head girl considering her distinct qualities during her school days at Cathedral and John Cannon School. After schooling she went abroad to pursue higher studies from Tuffs University at Medford in US. There she studied Economics. The next one on the list was Boston University from where she earned her degree in Bio Genetic Engineering.

Soha Ali Khan
This is another dimpled face of bollywood with high education. The “stunning beauty with a perfectly working brain and a distinct intelligence” doesn’t shy to express her intelligence during interviews easily playing with high level English of perfect accent, immaculate Hindi and perfect Bangla. This polyglot actress got her perfect accent from British School in Delhi where she once studied. Then she went to the prestigious Oxford University to study Geography. Her educational stint did not end there, though. Next on the radar was London School of Economics and Political Science where she studied to earn a degree in International Relations.

Tansingh is a writer who lives in Jaipur and is also a member of “Pinkcity Author Group”. a group that helps new writers. When not writing, he can be found roaming in the woods, watching birds or listening to music. A person of scholarly pursuits, his dream is to become a well-known writer one day.

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