Top 7 Female Style Icons of All-Time

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Fashion industry has many icons who influenced people with their unique sense of style. Whether it is timeless beauty of Sophia Loren or the Hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe or the elegance of Audrey Hepburn, they all left such a profound impression that is still followed by millions of people.

BiWi takes a look at 7 of the most influential fashion icons of the previous century:

1.    Audrey Hepburn
The style diva who rules the Hollywood industry throughout 1940s and 1950s, Audrey Hepburn was a class apart when it comes to fashion and style. Her elegant taste of clothing and poise made many people to fall in love with her. She is undoubtedly the reigning queen of our list of top fashion icons of all time.

2.    Marilyn Monroe
Regarded as the most stylish actress of her time, Marilyn Monroe was known as a trendsetter when it comes to fashion. With her drop-dead good looks and outstanding fashion taste, she wooed hearts of millions of her fans. Even today, she is revered by millions of people for her class and beauty.

3.    Jacqueline Kennedy
The most beautiful and stylish “First Lady” of United States of America, Jacqueline Kennedy embodied grace and style with her unique way of fashion. She became an international influence during presidential tenure of her husband thanks to her French-born designer Oleg Cassini. The guy was responsible for accentuating her true beauty. Her “Jackie Look” was a rage during 1960s. Those Pillar-box hat, headscarf and sunglasses still remind us this stylish First Lady of America.

4.    Princes Diana
The most graceful lady of British monarchy, Princess Diana became a sweetheart of millions when she married Princes Charles in 1981. Her public appearances made her an eye candy for people. Her unique sense of style made her many fans that number in millions. That hat and off-shoulder gowns became a signature of the Princess of Wales.

5.    Sophia Loren
One of the most influential style icons of the 20th century, Sophia Loren was known for her sultry looks and a knack to wearing fashion dresses that accentuated her voluptuous figure. This Italian beauty was gifted with a perfect body figure that looks amazingly stylish on any wardrobe. She is a timeless beauty and her lethal aura is evident even today as she makes red carpet appearances on social events.

6.    Madonna
Madonna became a global style icon after the release of her album “Like a Virgin”. However, she has a rather eccentric sense of style which is what made her a fashion idol. Only she had the audacity to wear the most outrageous fashion dresses in front of thousands of people and still create a strong impression. She was a strong influence throughout 1980s.

7.    Katharine Hepburn
Famous for her outspoken temperament, Katherine Hepburn had a knack of surprising people with her sense of style. Her boyish style of dressing and a free-spirit kind of social behavior is what makes her a darling of millions of people. She was the first lady to make public appearance in trousers that was not acceptable in that era.

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